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Thinking Out Loud (About Social Anxiety) Post #3

Things to Think about if you are struggling with Social Anxiety  Here are a few points that stuck with me from the Mater Social Anxiety group and from what others have brought up in the follow-up group. They helped me a lot in bringing my Social Anxiety under control.  They are, of course, easier said/typed […]

My Experience of Social Anxiety Group – 2

Published on behalf of Group Member. Day 2: On leaving the meeting last week, as I said in the previous blog, I was looking forward to it without any trepidation. However, as the week progressed and I started to think more and more about our “home work” assignment and considering my obsession to try attain […]

My Experience of Social Anxiety Group – 1

Published on behalf of Group Member. Day 1 After quite a long wait I attended my first night at the social anxiety group. (If you are reading this I presume you know what I am talking about). With a little trepidation I “boldly plunged into the abyss” or at least that is way I was […]

Research – Invitation to get involved.

Get Involved! Social Anxiety Ireland are always interested in progressing our understanding of social anxiety so that new and more effective treatments may be developed. This is typically achieved through conducting well-designed research projects. We regularly get approached to facilitate research on social anxiety. Research projects, however, do require ‘participants’.  One recent request seemed very […]

Thinking Out Loud (About Social Anxiety) Post #2

Post #2 Thinking Out Loud (About Social Anxiety Talking to people about my social anxiety has helped a lot. Like anything, I think it’s wise to be selective about who to confide in, but in my experience, explaining my situation to close friends and family was a positive step and the support I got was […]