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    Hi guys,
    Would love to pick everyone’s brains on something I can’t decide on.
    Currently working full-time but would like to go back to college to gain a Business degree. At first I thought I would do a part-time course but after a lot of time thinking about it I’m considering a distance learning option too. The reason for this is I don’t want to ruin my chances of doing well with the added pressure that social anxiety brings in starting something new with strangers. I think I would be more consumed with fitting in and trivial social interactions then the actual course work.
    So what do people think? Should I just do a part-time course and take a chance I can handle all it entails for a socially anxious person? Or should I be a realist in choose the distance learning option? It would be the same degree but thought differently.
    Thanks for reading and hopefully some much needed advice.


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    Hi Steve,
    I appreciate that this reply is very late but I think that you situation will be very familiar to many individuals with social anxiety. Also, offering advise in this dilemma is difficult. On one level the idea of being a realist and choosing the distant learning option seem pragmatic and compassionate. However, being a realist also means the awareness that social situations are not in fact that dangerous! As a professional I would always have grave concerns about the profoundly negative effect of avoidance in the long term – it simply makes matters worse (deepens our concerns and anxieties). Distant learning is classic avoidance. So, if at all possible the face-to-face option is always preferable if it can be sustained. But ultimately Steve it remains you choice.

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    Well I decided a while back to choose the distance learning option. In the end finances played a part in my decision as well but it was fear of failure due to social anxiety and I really want to begin a path to gaining some qualifications. Have to admit its probably classic avoidance. Not quite ready for that battle. Its a one year course level 6 and after that I could continue with it either part time or still through distance learning so maybe then when finances are better too. Hope I’ve made the right decision. Building my life and confidence up again after a couple of bad years. Have socialised a lot more the last six months and achieved a goal by running the Dublin marathon recently. So maybe step by step is the best policy.

    Thanks for the reply

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    Step by step is definitely great idea Steve. Besides, don’t be so hard on yourself because you did something. You made a change and you moved on with pursuing your goals. It’s not avoidance – it’s a first step. How do you like your course so far? Is it up to your expectations?

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    Course is good. Have to make the time for it but enjoyable when I get some of it done. Module assignments have to be submitted after 5 weeks so no room for procrastination!! It suits as a one year course as can make that commitment definitely.

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