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    I just wanted to post a quick question here, I’ve applied to start a course in the mater, however the waiting list is close to 14 months, i wont go into details of how SA has affected me, as i am writing this in work and don’t want to run the risk of my eye’s welling up.

    So i am looking for advise on what should i do while I am waiting to join the group, searching for topics online seem to trigger my anxiety rather than help it.

    any pointers would be greatly appreciated

    – Richard

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    I’ve also applied but since sending the results for the test, I haven’t heard back (my online test score showed severe social anxiety). How long did it take for you to receive an email back after sending your test results?

    I was so hopeful when I found this group. Learning that it takes so long to get a place is really disappointing 🙁

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      i know exactly how you feel, it took about 4 weeks to get that reply, however i sent in my results just before christmas so i reckon that was the hold up.

      since my first post i’ve started to read the book that was recommended to us – overcoming social anxiety and shyness by gillian butler – its admittedly a tough read for me ( its almost like she took every single thought in my mind and put it on paper )

      like i said its though but i reckon it’ll be really helpful. This is a link to an extract of that book, give it a shot if you want (hope i can get away with this !)


      Also since my post a few days ago i looked for other support groups and found turn2me.org, they offer online support groups for people with anxiety and depression

      This is a link to where you can book your self into one of those groups, you’ll need to register with them first though, but thats super fast, its just signing up to the website :


      i’m pretty sure theres still one open space left for the 27th of January, thats the one i’m in, not too sure what’ll happen there, but hell its a start !

      Take care.

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    I just have been reading through the last number of posts on this thread, and feel I must offer the Richard and Abme an apology. Yes, we can sometimes be very slow in getting back to people. The level of interest in our program, the number of emails and phone calls we get is significant. And, we just have a single unpaid volunteer who comes in once a week to handle this. So, we get snowed under. We eventually do get back to everyone. Your patience is appreciated. The bottom line is that we so badly need more programs like this across the country.

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    I have a course i did years ago, it’s a Practical Psychology Course that teaches you how to help yourself. It was run by the British Institute of Practical Psychology, it’s excellent. I have it in electronic form and can send it to you if you like?. It helped me and those i gave the booklets to, enormously. Let me know if you’d like a copy?.

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