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    Hi everyone!

    I thought it would be useful to have somewhere to introduce ourselves, especially if you’re a new member.

    I’m Nikita and I’m 23 years old. I did the 14 week course in the Mater Hospital in Jan-Apr 2012 and I’ve been going to the follow up group on and off since then. I’m studying music at university and thoroughly enjoying it! Doing this course has really helped me and I can’t believe how far I’ve come already!

    Hobbies: Music (what a surprise), I play piano, I love film and TV, I read occasionally.
    TV: Law & Order SVU, Once Upon A Time, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Friends, Modern Family . . .
    Film: Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes (every version), Imagine Me & You, Disney, Anything Steven Spielberg, Jane Austen, Action/Adventure, Romance . . .
    Music: Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Michael Jackson, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Beethoven, Berlioz, John Williams . . .
    Books: Harry Potter, Jane Austen, Sherlock Holmes
    Sport: Not a big sports fan but I love tennis! :)
    Inspiration: Stevie Nicks, John Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sherlock Holmes, Walt Disney, Jodie Foster . . .

    Feel free to talk to me and add me on facebook SmileSmileSmile

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    hi everyone,,,im one of the two girls from jan 2012 group!i(i think this forum is “open” but you can figure who i am if you know me from followLaughit and am so happy to have a whole new group of friends there rather then just existing between work and home as i was before….to anyone here whos thinking of doing the course id recommend it!!!but i would say too i think different people are ready for this this course at different ages and points in their lives ,,,,there are people ten years younger then me doing the course and i wish i had those extra ten years but i reality i dont think i would have completed or done the course at that stage in my life ,,a year ago was the perfect timing as i was ready…..

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      Hi Nikita, I sent you an add on facebook. I have been playing trumpet for about 5 years, and will be doing my Grade 5 exam this November. I did the group a few years ago, and it has really helped me. I was on the Today FM with Matt Cooper with Odhran and Linda yesterday, which went really well.

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    HI there.
    Pleasure to make your acquaintance …

    My name’s Pete and I’m one of the site moderators, many thanks for kick starting the introductions.

    Great to to meet some more people who have come out the other end of the group also, I’m currently attending the group at present so it’s wonderful to meet people who have experience and possibly insight into things to expect as the group progresses. No doubt I’ll be firing some questions your way as things progress if that ok with you guys.

    Too many questions to begin with… however the positives that you have both described following your group experience is very comforting to hear.
    Having the !skeptic gene” lol ! is not fun so getting other people perspective and positive reactions only lends to increase my own personal confidence in what can be achieved from the group. I hope to keep the forum posted and will be posting a regular blog on the experiences as of next week. (there will be a catch up for each of the subsequent meetings that have come already.) We’re on week 4 as of today.

    little about me.. I’m a designaholic ! I just love it.. it’s my world love fonts, colors, shapes and above all emotive design.
    currently working in Dublin. Huge fan of the outdoors, especially Wicklow and Kerry, fishing, hiking, camping etc (although this weather isn’t the best for all this) but we make do !

    Love psychology and anything to do with evolution and how we work, especially our mind.. (this area fascinated me to no end) wonder why!! j/k
    (Derren Browns work and showcase material blows my mind) To get to that level of understanding the subtle nuances we each have and to able to manipulate these into positives is unbelievable) (last one watched was about Luck (Have your heard about the luck dog?) have you heard of this one?
    Here is a link if you find time.. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/derren-brown-the-experiments/4od#3258646 well worth a watch..
    Basically we all have good luck just up to each of us to see the possible lucky opportunities when presents..

    Ok I’m rambling.. lol will leave it there for now..
    chat soon Laugh

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    ok so my last post has a whole paragraph missing in case anyone is wonderin why it doesnt make total sense but im sure yez got the jest of it so i wont repeat,,,im was trying to say ive really no problem identifying myself to other members of group but im not open about my social anxiety problem to anyone outside group(i havent figured out why really,its nothing to be ashamed of !)…so im not really able to be more specific about new hobbies and my job but this is great forum idea and im gonna try login regularly …group support for each other is so important as so many of us feel isolated with this!!well done to others for posting,lets keep this going!:Smile

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    …..it says in the newsletter they looking for sa representatives to talk to media,funny how it kind of interests me and i wont even identify myself here LaughLaughi guess we all have a i wanna shout it from the rooftops feeling at times too ,the webs we weave trying to “hide” it can be draining too…….

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    Hey jan2012group.. thanks for your initial posts.. Laugh

    Just back from meeting this eve and few concerns raised by people about the video element of the group down the line.

    How did you or anyone else who may wish to respond to this, find the actual Video Experience.?
    Positives & Negatives of the practice and the analysis of each other. I guess as it’s putting our SA on show there is a level of apprehension about it all.

    Any light you can shine on this would be much appreciated and I’m sure I’m not the only person to have fear of this part of the group sessions.

    Look forward to hearing from anyone interested in responding.

    As for the media side of things, I’ve signed myself up anyways.. as feel we are the one who need to speak up about SA as no one will do this for us.
    Funny as it’s the one thing we don’t want to do, but in essence could bring radical changes down the line with proper media coverage of this issue.
    I hope people find the courage to face their demons and speak up about something that effects so many.

    All the very best for now.

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    btw pete just want to say i love the”skeptic gene” idea,that fits me exactly haha ….yes the course still worked well for me so dont panic if not everything cbt related is meaningful for you where others may seem to be getting more out of it,youll still gain in other ways if you dont put up a wall like i nearly did at the start…..so much actually sunk in without my trying once i decided to just go with it ,,,,and of course bounce questions off us whenever you like,thats what we all here for!!good luck with course and enjoy it !!ollowup group is very good for when it finshes too even if its just now and then you need it!

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    Hey Guys!

    Fair play for getting the ball rolling on the forum! I think it could turn out to be a great resource, and as was metioned before, a place to bounce ideas off each other.

    I did the group this year, I’m a young lad in my early twenties and I’m basically I’ve been trying to throw everything I’ve got into bringing my SA under control for the past year, along with doing a few other bits and bobs. I’ve thrown up a blog post on the blog section and I’ll hopefully do a few more to summarize my experiences with SA and with the group.

    I could go on a bit about the video experiments for a while but for the moment here’s my 2 cents:

    The idea of doing it is scary but like most things in the fight against SA I think it’s worthwhile.

    I was sceptical about it before and even after but I ended up spontaneously doing my roleplay scenario in real life a few months later and I don’t think that’s a conincidence.
    I think certain people may benifit from it more than others. I reckon the more you think your anxiety shows in front of others, the more you will get out of the roleplay.
    The feedback from your fellow participants is invaluable. The main thing I got out of it is: no matter how anxious we feel inside we show much less (to no) outward signs of anxiety from the perspective of others and we are able to cope with anxiety provoking events very well (from an objective point of view) seeing this on video and getting the feedback from the others in the group re-enforces this. So basically I think it’s role (pardon the pun) is to put a dent in some of the unrealistic perceptions we have of ourselves as to how we come accross and perform in social situations.

    I’m definitely glad I did it, perhaps more so now than at the time to be honest.
    Would it be worth setting up a sperate thread for the roleplays?

    Feel free to bounce things off me. Looking forward to chatting to ye on the forum.


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    Hello all

    My name is Derek, I am a 31 year old Humanities Lecturer from Dublin, I’m currently attending the group at the Mater.
    I enjoy playing and listening to music, film, politics, cooking and keeping fish (and soon shrimp!).

    Apologies for being so brief, just registered and thought I would say a quick hello!



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    Hi, everyone. Roddy here, had to quit my job recently because of social anxiety disorder. Nearly 20 years on seroxat but now on benzos for severe panic attacks. Just wondering is there any social anxiety support groups in the Galway area. I’m nearly 6 months crippled with panic attacks and my whole life struggling with this. Need to get back working on a 6 month waiting list to see a phyciatrist. But looking into CBT

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    hey everyone! only new to this..from kilkenny.. suffer from socail anxiety..would love to meet new people that know what its like and maybe make friends :) Laugh

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    Hi everyone, Im Noel From Galway. Im self employed cos i am unemployable otherwise ha humor helps Laugh I have always had social anxiety and kinda done my own thing in life, but im sick of being alone. While i dont feel comfortable in groups of people i want to if that makes sense, i hope to hear for ye so feel free to talk to meSmile

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    Hi Folks!!
    Just wondering how everyone is this Sunday evening.. ?

    Anyone catch the discussions on RTE Radio 1 Thursday last about Social Anxiety?
    Had such a response they revisited the topic the next day..

    Very interesting discussion also sent the site visits through the roof. :) knocked the site offline for a couple of mins!
    Maybe this is the start of the awareness this issues needs. Maybe get the ball rolling for a few more groups nationwide

    links to listen in are above.. right side menu

    hope everyone is well.
    all the best for now.

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    Hi Im Stuart,

    I participated in the group from Jan – April 2012. Since I hae completed the group, I have made some very positive changes and have achieved a lot of stuff that would never have thought possible.

    I completed forgot about the website and the forum, so I have just registered today 14th October 2013. I shall check in on a regular basis . I hope everybody is keeping well .



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    My names Shane, I’ve had what I now know is social anxiety most of my life, or at least in my teens, I’m 38 now,
    For me also there was anxiety around girls and thinking I was never good enough, And its lead to me never having a girlfriend in my life, which is tough,

    I had a small circle of friends but they have come and gone and I have one close friend now who I can rely on,
    greed and backstabbing also made some fall by the wayside,

    I never really felt comfortable in large crowds, in nightclubs etc, even at weddings, family do’s etc…..
    I always felt alone while I had family there, but seeing everyone else paired up with partners,

    always felt like the odd one out, I don’t think I’m an ogre by any means, but I do find it tough to have confidence in myself,

    I’ve had severe panic attacks in 2009 and got out the other side with CBT, although it was a great help, I finf myself having a few every now and again,
    mainly trying to get on top of the social thing and getting out and meeting people,

    thanks for reading,


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    Hi. I’m Steve, relatively easy-going 30 yr old from Galway :-P. Love everything soccer, playing, watching, reading, etc. Finally took up running this year so enjoying that. And an interest in food and cooking plus a bit of a nerd when it comes to History and wildlife/nature documentaries. Happy with my life that i’ve built up in my 20s. But it can feel too safe and sheltered sometimes and think social anxiety has tamed my ambition in life. Thrilled with finding this forum though and hope to share with other users.

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    Hi, Just a quick intro. I’m Elle and SA completely rules my life. I feel like i’m at a point where i just need things to change so i’m trying to make some serious and permenant changes for the better. Above all I live in my own head and I even worry about wording this the right way so I won’t look like an idiot. I was  looking for a SA forum to talk to like-minded individuals and was delighted to find an Irish one and am looking forward to getting to know some people who can understand what it feels like to try and be social.

    Thats my SA. About me……well I like photography and photo editing, writing and I play the piano. I am a fan of any type of music so long as it has a good melody. Movies I like would be anything but a chick flick and I really can’t think of anything else to post so I shall say adieu for the moment.

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    hi everyone, oh god this is awkward. Im 23 and not only am i socially awkward i definitely have an anxiety disorder.I love music, its my absolute life, i actually make videos on youtube, now i know thats weird as usually people who have social anxiety don’t like to be seen or heard or anything like that but i feel comfortable behind my camera singing my heart out, and sharing it with people is the only thing that makes me feel less anxious so i just do it. i haven’t gone more than a few days without having an anxiety attack in the past year. i haven’t gone to the doctor about it but i do know I have it. does anyone know any forums out there for people who have anxiety disorder, id love to be able to talk to some like minded people.
    thanks for reading :’)

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    Hi Everyone.

    I’m Kevin. In my 20’s and have had social anxiety for a long time.
    I have not been on the Mater treatment but I have been pushing myself to overcome my fears over the last 16 months.

    I am interested to find out if anyone has tried Rejection Therapy before? and what are your thoughts about it?


    I have tried a small bit of this and feel that doing these exercises on a regular basis would help a lot in building confidence and reducing fear of judgement from others.

    I would love to hear some thoughts on this and it would be great if there are some of you who would like to meet up and discuss this and go out and support each other in trying some of these exercises. It would be nice to have someone to give that extra push when feel the anxiety creeping in.

    Thanks 🙂


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    Hi, this is Sammy
    I am delighted to see there is a forum for SA in Ireland. I haven’t been officially diagnosed but I score 92 on the Leibowitz scale and don’t need any further evidence that I have a social anxiety and probably other personality disorders. I am employed and have usually held down jobs, but have never been comfortable and have never been able to make friends or relax in social settings. My husband is a bit of an SA too, or maybe he’s just been ground down to it via me!
    I am now approaching 50 and have lived with this all of my life. From feeling like I didn’t belong within my family (I still believe not a single member of my family knows me, instead they just apply labels as appropriate).
    I would love to have a diagnosis but my GP is not entertaining it as he thinks it’s just a depression, etc. I see that there is a clinic in Cork offering an initial consultation for $55 but they are hardly likely to say .Nah, you’re grand, just take up a hobby!!’
    I have had therapy but again, she would not entertain the idea of a social anxiety or personality disorder in it’s own right, but felt they were all just indicative of a deeper problem. Chicken and egg I think.
    I hope there is some help, it would be great to just know there other sufferers in the west of Ireland too.
    Thanks for reading

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    Hi guys, my name is Danny,
    I completed the mater. SA group a couple of months ago and as a result I have been wanting to give something back, so I have decided to start a YouTube channel focusing on issues around social anxiety and depression,. I intend to use this Chanel to provide people with an insight into the world of SA and answer any questions people may have.

    Check out my Channel and let me know what you think.

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    Hi Danny,

    Good to hear the SA group has helped you. I would be interested to see your YouTube Channel. Do you have a link posted somewhere?

    – Kevin

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    Here is a link to the youtube channel, I hope it works.


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    Hi Guys,

    Really enjoyed reading all of your entries. I have just applied to the therapy sessions and said I would say hello.

    I’m 26 and currently living in Dublin. I would say for the most part that the people close to me would think I’m a person who loves solitude and just need to balance social interactions with periods of quiet self reflection. I’d say they see it as just a personality attribute. I would agree with this, but I think I’ve created this life of solitude as a way of controlling my severe anxiety. Something they don’t see.

    I used to be quite confident in school and in college for the most part. My anxiety seems to manifest itself in all of my workplaces to date (particularly my current one) and in situations where i could potentially be making new friends (outside of college friends and secondary school friends).

    I always though that confidence and self acceptance grows as you get older but I feel the opposite is happening. This year has probably been my worst to date and its a silent struggle. I’m too embarrassed to admit it to anyone.

    The reason I’m reaching out for help, I suppose, is to try and make changes before this anxiety controls all aspects of my life and I end up settling for a very safe environment where I have my routine but don’t reach my full potential. Writing in this forum is my first step to making a few changes. It feels good to admit to it.

    It’s nice to know that there are other people in Ireland who feel the same. I find that Irish people in general are so confident and there is a big emphasis on people being ‘great craic’ so if you are anything other than that, you’re very judged.

    Hope you all enjoyed your Bank Holiday 🙂

    Kind regards,

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    Hi I’m 53 and have suffered social anxiety for as long as I can remember. I never knew what it was but felt there was something ‘seriously’ wrong with me. I hid my anxiety as best I could because I was so embarrassed and just wanted to be like everyone else. I used to be amazed at checkouts when they could tap in numbers etc without their hands shaking!!!!! I had periods where I was unable to leave the house and got others to do things for me that I was afraid to do. I did have a career, which still amazes me but unfortunately Alcohol played a huge role in my life and ultimately destroyed it. I went from job to job as I couldn’t settle anywhere and found that I was going though my life in an aimless manner, although I didn’t know it at the time. I never had a plan in my life. I was completely controlled by social anxiety so it was never possible for me to reach my potential. I was fine with ‘old friends’ that I felt comfortable with but at work felt under pressure, not only to perform well at my job (by trying to do the work of 10 people so my colleagues would thing I was a great worker!!!!!) but also to fit in socially. I could not sustain relationships because I was under the illusion that people ‘wanted something’ from me and I put enormous pressure on myself which would end in me leaving a job and sometimes not even phoning to say I wasn’t coming back. However, sometimes there was alcohol to blame for this. Sorry for going on. I am so happy to have found this site, especially that it is an Irish site. I live like a hermit now and to be honest I am quite happy with that. I used to be angry that I was not able to function in society the way that I thought was acceptable but I am now grateful that I had such challenges in my life as I am older now and realise what I have learned along the way. It’s great to see young people here too because they have a chance to change and help themselves have the life of their choosing and not be dictated to by this horrible issue with SA.
    Thanks for reading if you have read this far.

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    35 Cork male, suffering from pretty extreme social phobia now for the last 5 years at least and milder for another 4-5 before that. What to say? The last 5 years of my life have just passed me by as I struggle to even leave my house at this stage. I’m unemployed and the thought of getting pretty much any job is unbearable to me at the moment and I’ve got a 1 on 1 interview with social welfare tomorrow. I’m really not looking forward to it but I see that they can sign you up for online courses. Maybe if the meeting doesn’t go horribly, I can get one of them going and actually do soemthing productive as I struggle on. I’m currently saving up for an exercise bike (broke my last one just as I was getting soemthing from it, typical) and I’m starting to sort some other small things out too, in the hope that they can add up to me getting back to enjoying a more fulfilling life. I put off signing up here for some time now, not sure why but I’m glad to get that out of the way. I see that most of you are from Dublin which is a shame for me cause I wouldn’t mind meeting up with others who have similar problems as myself. My family are great and have been supportive, they try their best to understand me but they really just don’t.

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    Hi everyone!

    Im 23 and I’ve been living with anxiety for the last 6 years. It started in secondary school when I got bullied pretty badly. I never understood why I was feeling so anxious and scared all the time, and I just assumed it would go away with age. The symptoms are very embarrassing when I’m anxious and stressed. I get diarrhea and feel like I’m having a panic attack. It’s like a vicious cycle now, I worry I will get anxious and cause the diarrhea….and guess what? I get anxious causing diarrhea. The running to the bathroom, with my stomach making crazy noises all the time is mortifying!

    I was so relieved by the time I finished college. I started a new job and whenever staff meetings or training days came up I would panic to the extent I would make myself sick. I never avoided lectures and tutorials in school or college (I know is the worst thing you can do, making the fear worse) but my symptoms haven’t gone way.
    I got accepted to a masters programme and I was so scared to accept my place because I knew I would be anxious all the time in lectures and placements.

    I finally went to my GP and she put me on 250mg of Xanax, then Inderal, and both I was so disappointed have not worked. My doctor told me she doesn’t want to put me on anything too strong, but it’s not working! I’ve been referred to a psychotherapist, but I have to wait until late June for my appointment. I got a new job which I should be excited about, but I was told I will have a weeks induction which is my idea of hell!!

    Does anyone have any advice for me to cope with this training week?

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    Hi,I’m Stephen 28 and from Dublin. took part in the program last year found it very helpful,but unfortunately due to work commitments I cant usually attend the follow on program,although I will be there tomorrow as I’ve a weeks holiday. Anyway, long term plan is to use exposure as much as possible and im starting mindfulness again and am going to give it a really good attempt this time for a minimum of 3 months as I feel this will be productive but im terrible for committing to doing it daily. short term plan is find a medication to use on a as needed basis and hopefully eventually not need it at all. girl91 ive also tried xanax and inderal and also didnt get much relief, and plan on trying valium as ive heard good things….anyway,hi..ha

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    Hi everyone,
    I have been socially anxious for about 10 yrs now, its a total disaster, avoiding all kinds of social activities and not been able to speak when in a group. Its a nightmare. It would be great to meet other people who are socially anxious also and to help each other out. If there’s anyone out there like this in the Waterford area it would be great to hear from you.

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    Hey everyone,

    I’m a newbie to this group, I haven’t attended any of the groups in person yet (Thats one I’ll have to pick up the courage to go to) but this forum is such an excellent idea, you’ll most likely be hearing some 5am rants on my bad days and I will hopefully be able to provide support on my good days.

    Ok a bit about me: I’m 26, from Dublin, I did a 3 year theatre course and followed that by a year living in Cental London studying Musical Theatre and working. I came back to Dublin after one too many discouragements from tutors/ myself, but also missing family led me back.

    I live in suburban Dublin now with my boyfriend who is one of my favourite people <3.

    I am studying psychology, just finished my first year and I am loving it.

    I have had some form of social anxiety since I can remember, I have been to a number of counsellors/ psychologists since I was 15 and pretty much ran away from each of them. This year I found a fantastic counsellor in college but of course she was only able to offer me 6 sessions, so just as we were getting somewhere she unfortunately had to let me go.

    Despite not been actively involved with the theatre It is one of my deep loves and I love going to plays/musicals when I can afford them.
    My favourite movies include Rent, Almost Famous and Hedwig and the Angry Inch (mostly musicals ha!) .
    Along with theatre, I am head over heels with music; any and every genre, one of my favourite things to do is lie on the floor and listen to vinyl.

    I have some amazing friends and family but none of them have anxiety (or if they do they dont talk about it), I don’t feel like I can talk to them about it as theyll just worry and my well- meaning mother will make the usual mam suggestions (youll feel worse if you DONT go out ect).

    If I were to paint a picture of the kind of person I think I am: Overly empathetic and sensitive- I cannot stand to see a human/ animal in emotional or physical distress. I am socially polite the point where I would totally lie to my own friends just to make them feel better (no, you don’t look awful in that dress). I don’t do confrontation, any sort of confrontation that comes towards me makes me want to collapse, I will always give into the other side!!
    I genuinely dont understand people who go through life saying whatever they want, despite the fact that it might hurt another person. Things that people have said to me have literally stayed with me for years.

    So thats pretty much me, sorry if Its too much info, ask me anything I will try and be as open and honest as possible, as I am pretty much anonymous for the moment!

    I haven’t slept properly in 2 days so peace out <3

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    Hi all! New here from Cork city.

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      Hi all i have social anxiety all my life i didn’t know i had it untill a few years ago reading a newspaper aticle and everything fell into place . im 30 and from kerry. some days i be good some days very bad.some my symptoms would be nervous awkard around people dont know what to say to them which leads me to panic sweat and blush.i usually distance myself from friends and dont really have any close close friend. it also messed up relationships for me in the past.i hide it well from some people while my sister knows iv sa.i have no social life i stay in most weekends watching tv and movies.my only positive from it is i love the gym i spend most my time working out and thinking about food.it helps to not think about how crap my life is . working out makes me feel great and i can go in to shops afterwards food shoping with lots of confidence.i hope in the future to make small steps towards fighting this thans all for reading

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    Hi I am Antony I attend the course a few years ago, I play Trumpet and will be doing my grade 5 exams this year. The course has made a massive difference to my life, and I am seldom inhibited by SA ect.

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    Hi, Mike here,

    Well i am 46 and i have had anxiety issues since i was around 23. So a long time. I did about 1 years counseling when i lived in London maybe about ten years ago. It helped a great deal. It was great to have someone listen to the craziness in my head and i really never had that before or after.

    I think through the years i have got better at managing, but i think it is only through years experience. The problem is, instead of banging my head against a brick wall trying to be sociable through feeling v anxious, nervous, and panic attacks where i go completely blank, day after day, year after year, i have started to retreat into myself a bit and become quite reclusive. I think it might be my minds way of trying to tell myself i am tired and want to be at peace with myself. This as most people reading probably knows looks like it gets worse and worse, until you find it hard to go anywhere. This is where i sometimes feel i am heading. In fact this is why i am typing here at the moment.

    The only thing i have a problem with with the common treatments is CBT. This is almost too scary for me and i don’t want to be forced into some situation where i go into meltdown. So for me i would prefer just chatting to a professional councillor who tries to help with coping mechanisms perhaps. Or perhaps I need CBT and need to face up to it??

    Anyhow, that’s enough of me rambling… peace to all.


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      Hi Mike

      Very similar situation to yourself, coming up to 40 now and have had this problem since my early 20’s. I’m finding it very hard to motivate myself these days, and I’m worried about how the future might be if it continues like this. Would you care to meet up?

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    Hi all. I identify with a lot of what has been written on this forum. I’m 29 now (in Galway) and I too have had SA for an awful long time. Primary and secondary school were manageable, mostly kept my head down and didn’t cause a fuss. However in contradiction to about 95% of the population I really struggled at third level. Whether it was the moving away, lack of friends, fear of going out socialising, course or whatever I got really down. My behaviour became quite erratic and more than likely I had depression. I didn’t do so well in exams despite my relatively good attendance and finished after 3 years.

    I’ve never had a proper job and have only kept busy by doing menial jobs for my cousin’s business. I was always feeling too overwhelmed and/or ashamed to go to any employment services or anything like that. I feel like I will never get out of this rut I’m despite my acknowledgment that I need to change my circumstances.

    Much like shygym above I get some solace out of working out in the gym and also playing a sport for most of the year. I accept that without my participation in team sport I would probably have zero friends and never meet many people my own age. Even though I seldom socialise with team mates I mostly keep my head down and go about my sport with as little fuss as I can so as not to draw attention to my plight.

    What really depresses me is comparing my own stasis to others. It really saps me to view others progressing with the various life stages and milestones (as they’re entitled to do) and here I am devoid of any of them. It’s quite deflating to see others having significant relationships whereas I’ve never held hands with a girl not to talk of anything more advanced. My history romantic encounters is a veritable barren desert. I appreciate people sacrifice and work hard to avail of nights out, holidays, travelling etc but it’s still gnawing away at me nonetheless.

    I readily concede that I owe it to myself, family and others to at least attempt to interact with the mental health services to bring about a change. I know I cannot change myself on my own steam. I keep waiting and hoping for things to magically change by dint of some miraculous intervention, year after year, but they never do. I apologise as this post is a bit of ramble about my own inadequacies but I just needed somewhere to vent my frustrations.

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    Hi guys, my name is Oisin. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I am also a photographer doing a project on anxiety and trying to explore my own journey and I was wondering if anyone could give me a short description of how it all started for you? And the feelings you feel at the worst of it?

  • #15490


    Hi all,
    I’m new here and my name is Derek, I am a 30 year old male from Dublin.
    I have been suffering with SAD from my early 20’s onwards.
    I look forward to chatting with some of you in the comfort of knowing others know how I feel.
    Feel free to talk to me if you wish.

  • #15495


    Hi everyone.

    I’m Alex, I’m 38 years old and from Dublin..
    Have been suffering with social anxiety for a long time now , and it’s really having a detrimental affect on my life. Finding it very tough to feel comfortable with people and becoming more reclusive as the years pass by. Could anyone recommend a place to meet other sufferers maybe on a weekly basis?


  • #15563



    My name is Damian and I’m a 40 year old male based in greater-Dublin. I feel a bit of a fraud as my acute SA and chronic depression seems to be a thing of the past (hopefully), thanks to quite a bit of private CBT-based counselling. I have a job but haven’t progressed beyond entry level in 20 plus years. My life is very small, socially, and I don’t go out to pubs and clubs as I have no friends as such. My only real social outlet is going to football matches in England but that is over now until August. I’d be lying if I said that I’m not feeling a bit lonely and empty at the moment. It would be nice to chat to and maybe meet up over the summer and beyond.


  • #15569


    Hi Damian, just wondering if you would like to meet up in Dublin some time…..or any of the other folk on here? Would be really nice to meet with people who understand these issues for a regular chat?? Cheers

  • #15573


    Hi, Everyone. . . .or anyone? Lol. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of activity on these forums. I suppose it might have something to do with SA. 🙂
    Anyway, my name is Shane. I’m from Ballina in Mayo. I’m 32 and I am hoping to meet like-minded people. I suffer from social anxiety really bad and also depression. I feel that I possibly have other undiagnosed mental problems.I have isolated myself for a long time from most people and I really struggle to get on with life. I have been trying to help myself though, and I have made a little progress. I won’t go into too much more detail at this time because I want to keep it short.
    I’m not interested in much at the minute, but that’s because of the depression. When I am in the mood, I like listening to music, watching youtube videos, watching a bit of football, gardening. In the past I have liked art, astronomy, reading and other stuff. Those interests are probably still there too.
    Also, I am a vegan and I am awake to how we are being controlled and corrupted by “the elite”.
    That’s it for now. Hopefully I can relate to someone. 🙂

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