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    The weeks have flown by and it now seems like a lifetime away since we spent all those Thursday nights in that room together.
    Now i dont think i will ever be ” cured” of my SA but I have definitely learned not to fret so much about it.
    I know I probably blush as much as ever I did, but I tend to brush it off more easily now.

    I have had two very nasty experiences recently, which before this, would have caused me great humiliation and hurt, not to talk about sleepless nights.
    Both involved people I knew drawing attention very publicly to my blushing in a very nasty way. Needless to say I was very flustered and embarrassed at the time on both occasions, But instead of doing my usual beating myself up later on and blaming it on myself, i BEGAN TO THINK OF IT AS THEIR PROBLEM RATHER THAN MINE.
    This gave me a huge sense of empowerment and it was simply by changing the way I looked at the situation.
    I have since come across both of these people again and I decided they werent worth giving my attention to. I wasnt rude , but just indifferent !

    I have posted this because it may help someone else in their battle with SA. It has also reminded me to keep in touch and that its good to remember that support is there
    within the group.

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    Hi Patch.

    Sorry to hear about your experience.Frown

    if nothing else it seems to have only added a layer of confidence to your SA .. which is excellent. Maybe it happened to do just that.
    So possibly it was lucky that it happened.. as without it your may not have had the experience to see things differently, that it was their issues and insecurity that drove there actions.

    Either way sounds like if it happened again you would brush it off easier…

    Keep it up..
    All the bestLaugh

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