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    We am delighted to be able to say that our new Social Anxiety forum is now up and running. We found that the forum in our last website was very useful in terms of permitting individuals with social anxiety to open up a variety of interesting and helpful discussions. We would encourage anyone with social anxiety to to considering joining our forum. We hope that it can become a source of support and sharing for members. We having been running our social anxiety programme here in the Mater hospital since 1998 and it is very clear to us that having social anxiety is not something that one typically talks freely about. It tends to remain hidden. Also, appropriate ‘help’ tends to be thin on the ground. A forum is a potential place where resources can be shared, hope inspired, and a sense of community and connectedness generated. So please, join us and let us know your thoughts, concerns and success in dealing with the debilitating effects of social anxiety. Smile

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    Hi folks, have been dealing with severe anxiety disorder for a very long time. According to a doctor, it’s been about 10 years, although I suspect it’s closer to 12-14. Am 27 years old. I’ve tried a few different brands of prozac and a few other drugs. None of these drugs affected me in a positive way. I’ve tried my best to try and overcome this disorder. I’ve attempted to control what I put in my body and reading about what will benefit me most. I kept on asking myself where did this come from? how do i stop this? is this normal? frankly i am embarrassed, and i can’t go on like this for long. it feels like i am quickly losing grip on myself. Eventually my friend saved me all these years of pain and worries when he tweeted me a site and told me to check it out.
    I roll with Life’s punches for as long as I can, and then I fail. I feel like my reality is caked so heavily in anxiety that I shouldn’t be the me that I’ve come to know, perhaps I should be someone else. There is a reason I have an anxiety disorder, the world hasn’t been easy on me, but that’s besides the point because honestly that tweet turned my life around.

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