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    At our first group meeting Odhran told us the fourteen weeks would fly past and he was right. I cannot believe that we have only got two weeks left and I find myself missing it already. It has been a very special and unique experience and I have found it very worthwhile. I know I have not completely rid myself of my SA but I have begun to accept myself warts and all. It has been a privilege to spend my Thursdays evenings with a bunch of really good people . Odhran provides us with a truly safe environment where we can all be totally honest with each other without fear of ridicule or of being embarrassed.
    The eight people in our group have very different experiences of SA and yet we can all understand and appreciate what the others are talking about . We also have had some great humorous moments which have enriched our learning along the way.
    I look forward to the next couple of weeks and I intend to keep up the momentum by attending the follow up group. I hope you will all do the same.:

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    Delighted to hear that you are enjoying the group programme. Finding a way to accept ourselves -as you say warts and all – is such an important aspect of finding a way out of the turmoil od social anxiety. The positive connection with others is also really rewarding and I fully agree that the other participants are ‘really good people’. When the group programme finishes, I think, it is a really good idea to attend the follow-up group to maintain your momentum. Finally, it is lovely to hear that your experience of the group has involved some humorous moments – humour, the capacity to see the lighter side of some of our concerns, is so vital to us and ultimately enriches our lives.

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