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What is Social Anxiety?

Sometimes known as social phobia or social anxiety disorder (SAD), is an surprisingly common. Affecting approximately 13.7% of Irish adults at any one point in time.

Social Anxiety Group

Since 1988 Social Anxiety Ireland has run a 14 week CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Treatment Program.


The following is a selection of self-help material that some of our past group participants have found useful.

Overcoming Social Anxiety & Shyness by Gillian Butler is a mandatory part of the Social Anxiety Group Therapy Program.  It is a wonderful insight into the SA mindset, and provides practical advice on how you you can find an acceptable level of anxiety in your life.



Afraid of People

A Social Anxiety (SA) Documentary

A wonderful documentary looking at some of the aspects of social anxiety. One of the most common anxiety disorders world wide.  On average 17% of the Irish population suffers from SA.

So know you are not alone, and that there are a wide range of safe and controlled applications to overcome this disorder.

Things You Can Start On Now
To Overcome Social Anxiety.

  1. Be patient. Overcoming social anxiety takes time and practice. It’s a gradual step-by-step progress.
  2. In order to reduce self-consciousness, pay attention to what is happening around you – Look at other people and really listen to what is being said – rather than monitoring yourself or focusing on symptoms of anxiety in your body.
  3. Learning to slow your breathing down can help you bring your physical symptoms of anxiety back under control.
  4. Lifestyle changes can help – avoid or limit caffeine, drink only in moderation, quit smoking and get adequate sleep.
  5. When an embarrassing situation occurs, remind yourself that it will pass, and that you will be able to handle it.
  6. Remind yourself that your personal qualities may be the first qualities people notice about you, and not your particular fears.
  7. Share your concerns with someone who likes you.  Supportive individuals may give you the perspective and insight into a blind spot you are not able to fully appreciate on your own.
  8. Zero-percent anxiety is unattainable. If you are aiming to have no anxiety what-so-ever, you are setting yourself up for failure. . If you accept a small level of anxiety as normal, social interactions will become much easier for you
  9. Relieve your social anxiety by being interested in others not ‘interesting’.

The 14 Week
Social Anxiety Program

The programme, which largely adopts a cognitive behavioural
model, is conducted over fourteen weeks. While this may seem
a long time most of our participants argue that passes almost
too quickly!

Any interested person might be well advised to do an Internet
search of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in order
to get a better understanding of the principles
that form the bedrock of our program.

  • Social Anxiety Ireland

    Social Anxiety affected approximately 13.7% of Irish adults at any one point in time. That is nearly one in eight adults.

  • The Social Anxiety Ireland Intervention Group

    Our 14 week CBT Oriented programmes are run Wednesday & Thusrday evenings from 6 & 9 pm & cater for a max of 10 participants.

  • Effective Treatment

    The Social Anxiety Ireland group intervention programme was originally set up in 1998. It has proved to be effective in treating SAD.

  • Don’t Stop There!

    A follow-on support group is offered on the 1st & 3rd Wed of every month for everyone who has completed our programme.

Social Anxiety Blog.

Our blog is the main holder of material from research, new findings, developments in treatments and of course real life experiences from our socially anxious blogging team!! If you wish to contribute please email

Social Anxiety Forum.

Join our social anxiety forum to ask questions, share your advice, make friends, or just vent. A place to talk about social anxiety and other comorbidities where sufferers and relatives can get advice and support.

What Others Say About Us.


This programme is a must for anyone with Social Anxiety, It’s shown me the cause and effect of SA and how I(we) perpetuate the problems unknowingly. We’re taught techniques and given tools to work on our behaviours and thought patterns allowing us to live a less anxious life.
I cannot recommend this course more…


This may actually have been one of the most rewarding things I’ve every done for myself. Being able to speak with other people about this ‘thing’ that no one else I’ve met seems to understand has made an incredible difference to me. I never realized how much I was carrying around or how hard I was working to deceive myself.


I am glad and grateful that I did this programme. After 30 years with Social Anxiety I didn’t believe it would help, but I don’t suffer with Social Anxiety really any more. I’ve gone form 80% anxiety to 10%.


If your social anxiety is interfering with your life – placing restrictions on you and boundaries around you – and it’s upsetting or bothering you at all in any way, then apply. There is nothing to loose and everything to gain. See it as a one-in-a-lifetime golden opportunity, which it is.

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