We aim to help to inform those who experience social anxiety on the underlying mechanisms of the disorder, and to provide them with the tools necessary to alleviate their distress and functionally engage with life – whilst instilling hope that change is indeed possible, and providing support for their journey. To this end we provide support and active intervention group programmes for individuals experiencing social anxiety. Additionally, we aim to raise awareness and educate the public on social anxiety, and act as a key national point of contact for queries associated with the disorder.


• Offer support and intervention groups for individuals experiencing social anxiety. This will be achieved by the continuation of the 14 week CBT-based intervention programme, and weekly support groups.

• Promote public awareness of social anxiety and educate the public about this mental health issue. This will be achieved through social media interaction via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn; the management of the Social Anxiety Ireland website and blog; the organization of public lectures on the topic of social anxiety.

• Act as a national organization for all matters concerning the relief of distress associated with social anxiety, for sufferers and their close contacts. This will be achieved through the provision of our contact details for: general queries regarding social anxiety; information on the group application process; information on how to volunteer within the organisation.

• Develop a National Institute of Excellence for the treatment of social anxiety through ongoing research, participant feedback, and appropriate training for volunteers.

• Set up a research committee, which shall oversee programmes of research into the causes and treatment of social anxiety.


We approach our work with compassion, openness and understanding. We work collaboratively with our participants – who we consider to be experts through lived experience’ on social anxiety – to empower them to lead fuller lives.

SAI is a registered Non Profit Company (No. 572980) independently governed, and registered charity (No. 20102685).