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Social Anxiety Ireland are always interested in progressing our understanding of social anxiety so that new and more effective treatments may be developed. This is typically achieved through conducting well-designed research projects. We regularly get approached to facilitate research on social anxiety. Research projects, however, do require ‘participants’.  One recent request seemed very interesting and so we have invited the researcher to ‘pitch’ her perposal on our website. Basically, the researcher is looking for volunteers who have social anxiety to get involved in a research project. The following is their pitch, which we support.

You are being invited to take part in a research project looking at how Social Anxiety affects routine tasks such as planning, problem solving and decision making ability.The study will help to provide further knowledge of Social Anxiety and treatments for the future.

The title of the project is:

Risk Taking and Decision Making Styles in a Social Anxiety Population

Taking part in this study is entirely voluntary and you are not obliged to do so.There are no potential risks associated with this study and your identity will remain confidential, as only a study number will identify you. Your name will not be published or disclosed to anyone.

If you do not wish to participate in the study, this will not affect your future participation in the social anxiety group in anyway.If you initially decide to take part, you can subsequently change your mind without difficulty and will not affect your future treatment.

 If you agree to participate, please contact the research team to let us know of your decision (contact details below). What exactly we are looking for from you is:

  1.  Complete some questionnaires which will take approximately 10-15 minutes.
  2. Next, you will be asked to complete some tasks which vary from puzzles to card sorting tasks on a computer – approximately 40 minutes.

That about it! If you are interested, the sequence will be:

  1. An individual appointment will be arranged with the researcher. This will take place at Trinity College Dublin or at the Psychology Department (Mater Hospital), 63 Eccles Street, Dublin 7,  if preferred. Daytime and evening appointments can be arranged.
  2. When you arrive, you will be asked to sign a consent to participate in research form.
  3. The whole appointment should take no more than one hour and a break can be accommodated if necessary.

Unfortunately there will be no compensation for participation in the research. However, if you would like to participate and feel travel costs may be an issue, please contact us to arrange an alternative.

Our contact details should you wish to participate or if you have any further queries can be found below:

Emails: or

Phone: 01-8032919 or 086 273 8224

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