Good news, we have set ourselves up as a non-profit organisation and are currently waiting for our final approval for charity status which we expect any day now. This is a very exciting time for us! We now hope to grow and expand our services.

Donations Needed

As you know, SAI is based in Dublin and currently has a waiting list of almost two years and this is something we want to change. Establishing ourselves as a charity was our first goal but we’re not stopping there. We plan:

  • To facilitate the delivery of multiple group-treatments across the country. This will allow us to reach more people than ever before and reduce travel burdens.
  • To significantly reduce our waiting list times.
  • To continue our research activities long into the future to identify the most critical aspects of SAD that can be helped through group-treatments – these are cost-effective both for us and for people attending the group.

In order to achieve these goals we need donations to keep us going. At the moment we are only barely meeting our financial needs and worry about our future finances. We need your help! Any donation great or small would be greatly appreciated!

Donations can be made via our ‘donate’ portal on our website, or click here to go straight to PayPal.

To borrow a catch phrase “Every Little Helps!”


Want to Join Our Team?

Our Board of Directors and Committee Members meet every couple of months to discuss business and fundraising matters. We are always on the lookout for new committee members to volunteer. We welcome people from any background and no experience is required. You are welcome to sit in on our next meeting, just email us for details.

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