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Life After The Programme.

Hi Guys, Hope you’re all keeping well. 🙂 Just wanted to see how people that have completed the programme are getting on since. Also following on from that, what little things did you take from the programme that really gave you that Eureka! moment. I myself finished the programmein September-ish 2013. I found it to […]

My Experience of Social Anxiety Group #6

I arrived relaxed to the meeting resolute to give my “presentation” via pictures/drawings as quickly as possible. This would afford me the opportunity to decide my own faith – control of my own “destiny” – in relation to the schedule of the role-plays but also, I think, that I would avoid the anguish of having to […]

My Experience of Social Anxiety group # 4/5

Well your wishes seem to have worked!!! I went to the last meeting, probably as calm as I did the first meeting. I think I am becoming more relaxed with the others in the group. I am beginning to finally, in an unconscious way, to feel comfortable with the others; in much the same way […]