Hi Guys,

Hope you’re all keeping well. 🙂

Just wanted to see how people that have completed the programme are getting on since.

Also following on from that, what little things did you take from the programme that really gave you that Eureka! moment.

I myself finished the programmein September-ish 2013. I found it to be brilliant. Attending it and not missing a week of it was the best decision I ever made. There are weeks where your anxiety might be through the roof and you feel like not going, but it’s hugely important to try get there every night; if possible. I’m glad I was able to do so as it is the best decision I have ever made. I am happier now than I have ever been. I have a great family and it is because of this programme that I have achieved what I always wanted but could never do. I can go to sleep at night and not worry about work tomorrow and the dreaded anxiety that always awaited me. Every day without fail. I can now provide for my family and not come home at the end of the day mentally exhausted.

So the programme, Odhran himself is a legend. We had a massive skeptic in our group who was throwing curve balls at Odhran in every session and every time you thought “Ooh he has you there Odhran, how are you gonna answer that one.” But every time Odhran was faced with one of those curve balls his answers were bang on the money and explained in a clear concise way that everyone could understand.
Since the programme ended I have had 2, maybe 3 anxiety fuelled days. Which is unbelievable for me considering I could barely leave my house before.
One of the major things that I took from the programme and yet was so simple was using the tool called Mindfullness. Odhran simply explained to us, When somebody is talking to you, LISTEN. Just listen. It sounds so simple, and it is for people who are relatively anxiety free. By simply blocking out all the negative, nagging thoughts we have and simply concentrating on one thing; Listening. We can engage with someone and respond appropriately and favourably. It also distracts us from our Automatic Negative Thoughts. This little nugget has worked wonders for me.
So what little gems have worked for others since completing the programme? I’m very interested to hear.

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